11 Reasons You Should Be Listening To Michael W. Smith Right Now

Maybe it’s nostalgia, I don’t know, but I cannot get enough of Michael W. Smith lately. “Worship” and “Worship Again” defined my childhood. Every time someone talks about Louisville, I immediately think, “Helllllllo Louisville, Kentuckyyyyy” (see “Worship Again” track 1 if you didn’t get that reference). My mom played those CDs a million times and when those songs fill the room I picture my parents on road trips going after God in the front seats.

The best memory ever, huh?!

This is possibly my way of refusing to face reality that graduation and adulthood are quickly approaching, so I’m just reverting back to my comfort zone of being 8 in the backseat of our red Astro van. I’m gonna keep filling my life with his songs until my roommate forces me to stop. Before that happens, I compiled a little list to convince her to keep letting him fill our little space with worship.

Thus, eleven reasons you should be listening to Michael W. Smith right now

  1. If you grew up in church, you’ll know every single word.
  2. And if you didn’t, he gives you a heads up on what lyric is coming next.
  3. The “W” stands for Whitaker.
  4. Step By Step
  5. He’s like 60, a boy, and his hair is still better than mine will ever be.
  6. You Are Holy (Prince of Peace)
  7. He’s friends with Bob Goff
  8. Whether you realize it or not, he has probably influenced your walk with the Lord either directly or indirectly. That’s just really cool.
  9. The Wonderful Cross
  10. His Instagram game is strong
  11. He’s gonna be in Greensboro on Dec. 19th and I need a buddy to go with (This could be you?!)

Anybody else grow up to Michael W. Smith?