I love my dad, I don't think I could name anyone quite as cool as he is. 

The picture is too old to give photo credit to anyone, if you took this let me know!

The picture is too old to give photo credit to anyone, if you took this let me know!

He is:







and that’s just to name a few.

When he was a freshmen in college, he cashed in his plane ticket to return to the University Hawaii (where he played soccer, what?) and spent the next few months caddying and camping making his way from California to Florida. When him and my mom first got married he worked for Delta and would take her on “first class” dates where they’d get free first class tickets on the soonest flight just to eat a steak dinner for free. Then they’d get on the next plane home.

He is such a rockstar dad. He is completely calm during all amounts of chaos that ensues with a large family. I have vivid memories of him singing “New York, New York” at every family karaoke night (it was a Vincent tradition I am trying to bring back). When I got my learners permit, he fearlessly let me drive home from the DMV even after I asked him if there was a route we could take where I wouldn’t have to make left turns because they scared me. He’s been patient and loving raising 3 strong-willed girls, but I think he thanks God every day for the one boy in the family (and brother-in-laws)

He is the most comfortable in his own skin of anyone I’ve ever met. He is unapologetically himself in every situation. Once he put his arm around Kevin Costner declaring they were twins just to prove a point to my mom that her crush was irrelevant because she already had her own Kevin Costner.

I’ve seen him make friends in the grocery store line, at airport security, elevators, cross walks, and sitting criss-cross-applesauce in the middle of the mall with a homeless man named Jimmy. I have never seen the Gospel depicted so evidently as the way he took care of my mom through cancer. I finally understood what the church being the bride of Christ meant by the way he took care of his bride. He loved unconditionally, led fearlessly, and set a tone of peace and faithfulness in a really difficult situation.

Beth Moore said there is nothing in the human realm brings safety and security into a home like a really good dad.

And he Is a really really good dad.

madi vincent