The Sandwich That Changed Everything

Ever been motivated by food?

“If I read 2 paragraphs, I can eat 2 gummy worms”

“When I get to page 6 on this paper, I can go get dinner”

“After this run, we’re getting ice cream”

Please tell me this isn’t just me.

I just got back to school after spending the latter part of my Christmas Break on Cape Cod(it’s not in Cape Cod, FYI) with some of the best of friends. While I could write a post on all the seafood I ate on the Cape, I really just want to talk about the sandwich that changed everything.

One of the days I was there we ventured to Boston for the afternoon. A combination of American history, Fever Pitch, and this show on ABC Family called Chasing Life had me itching to explore the city. It did not disappoint. We stepped foot on Harvard, visited the Boston harbor (wish I had brought tea to throw in, just for solidarity sake), and walked around Beacon Hill.  We shopped a lot, ate a lot, and laughed a lot.

Thanks fellow tourist for snapping this pic, thanks Acorn St. for the charm.

Thanks fellow tourist for snapping this pic, thanks Acorn St. for the charm.

We went to this little Cafe in Somerville called the 3 Little Figs. My inner creative was beaming because their branding was awesome. Their logo of 3 figs was subtly hinted around the petite cafe. The gold hanging light fixtures, bright white cabinets, and cobalt blue accents made me want to plop on down and attend to some serious work I’m sure I had.

All this before I even tasted the sandwich.

I ordered “The Village” with my very slight southern draw people from New England were fascinated by, and hoped I would like it because usually I’m not a fan of bird food and crave a side of fries. “The Village” was layered on 7 grain with roasted sweet potato, arugula, goat cheese, sun dried tomatoes, honey, and just the right amount of olive oil.

If I knew it was going to change my life, I would've taken an artsier picture. 

If I knew it was going to change my life, I would've taken an artsier picture. 


Each of my friends had ordered the same sandwich, which seemed embarrassing while we ordered. I pushed myself to the front of the line in an attempt to cure my insecurity of being a copy cat. It became less embarrassing when I tasted how good it was, then noticed something in the conversation. We were all inspired. Suddenly the talk went from being how good the sandwich was to bigger things. Bigger dreams.

We talked about how it would be the perfect sandwich to bring to our dream jobs we landed after school, and how maybe we should eat healthier in general. That led to budgeting, meal planning, and saving money for things we were passionate about. We talk about how you can do so much without complicating things. The ingredients were relatively simple, but there was a certain amount of creativity behind pairing goat cheese and honey. It just worked.

We all slunk back into our seats filled with satisfaction,”This sandwich is changing my life. I feel motivated”

We laughed, finished our conversations, and our sandwiches. One of the girls grabbed a take out menu to remember the sandwich, maybe make a scrapbook about it later, and we were off, fueled for the rest of our exploration.

I know it’s silly, but I haven’t quit thinking about that sandwich since I ate it. Partly because it was delicious, partly because I was so intrigued by how the conversation shifted with it. Something new, different, and inspiring occupied everything we discussed, and set a tone of “we can do anything because we have full bellies, full hearts, and a fresh outlook on the regular lunch sandwich so let’s explore Boston”

Sometimes I need a fresh outlook, or a new unique perception on life to get inspired. That sandwich inspired me to eat healthier, and try things I wouldn’t normally try because I had a successful experience doing both.

Ridiculous, I know.

With the new year I  want to be kinder. Like, genuinely kind. Not kind because I feel obligated, not kind because that is what is expected of me, but kind because I am viewing people in a new way and want to be.

I’ve already struggled with it, because let’s be honest with ourselves, sometimes loving people is hard. Thankfully we don’t only get a chance to better ourselves with a new year, but we are graciously extended new mercies e v e r y  s i n g l e  m o r n i n g.

I’m trying to remind myself that the ingredients of kindness aren’t necessarily that complex, maybe it just takes creativity in how I approach the way I see people. Take them for who they are, and whatever weird combination of flavors they have to offer. I’ll probably like it.

All because of a sandwich. Hey, whatever works, yanno?

Anything silly ever inspire you? I wanna hear!  Also anyone up for moving to Beacon Hill with me??