Thoughts On Transitions

I’m currently sitting in my brand new room. 

Have I told you yellow is my favorite color? 

Have I told you yellow is my favorite color? 

Every box has been emptied frantically as I looked for my comforter among the sweaters and coffee mugs packed away snugly in them. Y’all, hear me when I say this, I have the best comforter in the world. The perfect amount of smoosh and the right amount of structure. It honestly feels like happiness. Consider this a PSA that if you helped me move out in April, and remember what I did with my grey and white polk-a-dot piece of heaven, I’ll buy you Starbucks. It’s almost been a week, and no sign of the beloved blanket.

Sigh, I digress.

Transitioning to being back at school has been full of a variety of different emotions. Anyone else feel the confliction of wanting to be home, but wanting to be at the little home at school you’ve created over the last few years?

I feel like whenever I am just getting comfortable wherever I am it’s time to pack up the car and head to the opposite side of the country. For a girl who likes routines and schedules, college days have been hard to fight against the stress that comes with those things changing every few months. Just when you get comfortable with a professor and classmates it’s time to take a final and go home for an extended break. Just when you figure out the groove of being home, it’s time to go figure out your new professors.

College is full of transitions. Friends, schedules, and roommates change. Believe me, they all will. I think college is cruel for introducing you to some of your best friends and only giving you a four year countdown to be with them. They’ll graduate, get married, and be buying houses before you know it.

While my college career has been full of transitions, this year has been the hardest transition by far. Leaving home to come back to school was filled with tears and anxiety. I wasn’t ready to trade in the comfort and security being with my family brought to being 2,200 miles away from them. This summer they were my safe place where I found refreshment. Leaving that was really hard.

With every hard thing, something good has to come out of it, right? Here’s what I’m learning, and reminding myself constantly in these days where transition seems hard:

  1. God doesn’t transition. He’s constant. The same.
    He is the same God now as He was when I gave Him my life, He is the same God who has carried me through hard times, and the same God who gave up His only Son for my sins. 
    He is the same. He doesn’t change. Life does, I do (praise Him for that), but He doesn’t.
  2. Not only does He remain the same, He guides and leads through transitions.
    I’ve never been in a new season where I didn’t feel the Lord’s presence in it. Seriously. Even when I didn’t know what I was doing, He led me in the winging of it. Psalm 32 says that He instructs, teaches, and counsels with His eyes upon you. I don’t know where the term “I’ll keep on eye on you” came from, but I’m gonna assume it’s from that verse. It’s a good thing, a fatherly thing, and I’m grateful that God’s keeping His eye on me in my transitions.
  3. He is with me, always and forever.
    I think when I realized that God never sleeps (Psalm 121:4), the whole Omnipresent thing started making sense. When it gets late, I get loopy and I stop being present where I am. I need sleep to allow me the ability to be awake and attentive. That’s not God though. He’s always present, always attentive, even at 3 in the morning when I’m not. In transitions, He doesn’t slumber. He doesn’t leave you. He stays with you. What a stinking concept.

I can’t say I’ve totally mastered the transition thing, but these have helped so much. I’m not transitioning out of one season into the next alone.

Have you ever struggled with transitions? What do you use to cope? Any advice for me?! 

madi vincent