Through The Mud, Above The Water, And Perfectly Clean.

A few weeks ago my dad, brother, and I ventured to a Buddhist temple in Seoul, South Korea. The entire walkway up to the temple was full of barrels containing Lotuses (not to be confused to locusts). My heart for flowers was captivated by it all. 

The Lotus flower is one of the most well-known symbols of the Buddhists faith, to everyone but me who didn’t know anything about Buddhism or Lotuses. They believe that the way a lotus grows is indicative to how the progression and growth of ones soul. Lotuses grow up through mud and water, into beautiful flowers, which is cool in itself but the Lotus doesn’t stop there. The flower doesn’t let mud stick to it, and never gets dirty. Ever. What! It lives in the mud, but doesn’t let the mud make it unclean. The Lotus is also one of the only plants to live in water with a strong enough stem to rise above the water. It rises up, and blooms with its stem extended high above the water.

The only reason the Lotus is able to do anything that it does, is because it was created for just that. It was created to grow through mud, above water. It was created with a stem strong enough the hold it up. It was created with petals resistant to the mud and the ick. The lotus was created for that purpose.

Then the Lotus is nurtured. Someone has to take care of it. When the Lotus seeds are first planted, they have to be cut so that they are able to sprout. For a week they have to sit in shallow bowls of water, sitting on a heated pad to keep them warm. Every day the water has to be changed! It takes work, nourishment, love, and care.

Our tour guide of the temple showed us the lotus, and explained that briefly (I did some googling later). I couldn’t stop thinking about Jesus. Y’all, He is the only perfect soul. He is the only man to grow above the mud, and not get dirty. He had a strong enough stem to rise above the icky water instead of sitting in it. He was resistant and perfectly clean.

Jesus is the lotus (not literally)

He came to earth for a purpose, divinely God and man. He lived a blameless beautiful life. He defined love. He displayed love. All of this, and He still picked up the cross, and died for my sins. His was resistant to sin, but he took it on anyway. He didn’t have to do that, but He did!

I think the Buddhist are on to something, because when I see a Lotus I think of my soul. I think about how I wasn’t able to grow through the mud, above the water. Even if I could do that, I couldn’t be stainless. I’d have mud all over my sinful self. But, because of the cross, because Jesus came and did it for me already… I can go through the mud, above water and be perfectly clean. That makes me pumped out of my mind!


Do you ever see the Gospel so clearly in something so simple?