Never Been Such Devoted Sisters

I have amazing sisters.

That baby is now two and is even cuter if you can believe it.  

That baby is now two and is even cuter if you can believe it.  


I don't say that lightly, either. They are strong believers, incredible people, and beautiful women. While I was off daydreaming somewhere they learned all my moms skills in the kitchen, and they generously feed me often. 

Over the past 2 years my sisters have mentored me and loved me and hugged me through a lot of tears. They are graciously honest with me, and make fun of me enough to keep me very (very, very) humble. 

If you're friends with my family, you know that the past two years have been treacherous and rocky. A lot of evil has fought to tear each of us individually away from faith. Doubt, fear, cynicism, they've worked hard to get a foothold into our lives, but by the grace of God all of us have stood firm. Despite whatever the circumstance, Jesus still continues to win. And honestly, I'm just following the lead that they've set. 

Mother's Day can be a painful holiday for a lot of people. I miss my mom everyday, but a holiday that is supposed to be centered around her is a blaring reminder of a hole in my life. Or the heartache of being a mama grieving their baby son. It hurts because it's not the way life is supposed to be. In the middle of what is painful, there's an opportunity to breathe joy into it. 

This week I was reminded that Mother's Day isn't just about your mom. It's about all the women in your life who have loved you, laughed with you, mentored you, and cooked for you. The ones who fill those mom-size-gaps. I wouldn't have survived these past 2 years without Jillian and Allie doing those things for me. They love me so well. 

My dad often asks how he ended up with such strong, stubborn, and assertive daughters. We laugh because all of those things came directly from our red headed mother. What's so special about my relationship with my sisters is that they are products of my mom. They're sweet reflections of so many of her best characteristics.

They are natural hosts, offering warmth and safety through their homes, which you're welcome in at any moment (PTL). They are inclusive and kind without being fake or meek. You'll know exactly where you stand with them. They speak truth, stop me from making bad decisions, and they remind me what resilience looks like everyday. 

They are my very best friends, my favorite people, and I am really glad that even though God called my mom home, He also gave me two sisters to walk through it with. 


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